BxC Street Artists!

Street art is a way for artists to interact with their environment and impact the space they share with other people.

The 6th grade art elective spent the last 2 months studying street art around NYC and the Bronx. They learned about different types of street art–spray paint, wheatpaste and stencils–and worked to identify them and learned how each is created.

Stencils are a really great form of street art because it is a really good way to get a message out–it is easy to duplicate the image over and over in lots of places. For this study we decided to make stencils so that students could share a message with the neighborhood. Each student chose a message that was important to them, their messages are inspirational, funny, and political. They designed original stencils and cut them by hand.
Students also had the chance to meet Justin Jung, a local street artist. He invited the students to put their stencils on the wall of his building. Their stencils are currently up at the corner of Perry Avenue and 204th Street. Check it out!
Their work is also in The Norwood News this week:

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